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Missä Lastu asuu? | VLOG

  • by Sakari Arffman

Missä on pienet Lastut tehty. Videolla esittelemme Lastun tiloja aina myymälästä ja toimistosta, tuotantotiloihimme.

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M05 - Forest Camo
Anton Herala (Helsinki, Finland)
Rigid and agile M05 - Mossi, noppafemma...

As a Finnish man I've formed a special relationship to M05 fabric during my time as a conscript. And I love to carry it with me - and it always is a start for a conversation with strangers and starting to recall memories from intti (being an army conscript)

The quality was to my expectations, at least so far. The case itself feels durable and able to absorb dings very well. Yet there is a slight 1mm creavisse between the fabric and the covers edge - it seems to hang tight and I'll expect it not to deteriorate.

It fits firmly on my S21, all the charger, mic and speakers are right in the spot. I was doubtful what came to the volume buttons, but the work like a charm.

Overall an amazing and simple product - that has a hint of memories and nostalgia

M05 + Tactical Ring
Ville Ääri (Turku, Finland)

M05 + Tactical Ring

LASTU x PRIDE (Limited Edition)
Ina_K (Helsinki, Finland)

i love it. wood gives the phone new class. fits well to my huawei p20, and the pride theme is just 🏳️‍🌈❤️

Lastu for iPhone
Risto Silvast (Helsinki, Finland)
iPhone 12 mini


Lastu for OnePlus
Joni Itäluoto (Helsinki, Finland)

Lastu for OnePlus