Aidosta puusta, poronnahasta, kalannahasta ja armeijan M05 kuvioidulla kankaasta valmistetu kotimaiset suojakuoret omalla kuvalla ja logolla sekä magneetisella magsafe magneetti kiinnitys toiminnolla sekä parhaat lisäosat ja tarvikkeet

Lastu Cases for Google Pixel

Explore our collection of Nordic wooden phone cases and take your pick. On each product page, you have the opportunity to select your preferred wood type, Google Pixel model, and other specifications, allowing us to create a unique and personalized case to your liking. Customize your phone case with your very own logo, picture, or MagSafe. Don't hesitate, go to any of our product pages and select the perfect case for your phone.

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Save 20%
Lastu for Google Pixel
Lastu for Google Pixel Sale price 19,90 EUR Regular price24,90 EUR
Save 27%
Wooden MagSafe Case for iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nothing
Wooden MagSafe Case for iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nothing Sale price 23,90 EUR Regular price32,90 EUR
Save 17%
Phone Case with Custom Logo & Picture
Phone Case with Custom Logo & Picture Sale price 24,90 EUR Regular price29,90 EUR
Wooden Phone Case with Custom Logo Engraving
Save 23%
Wooden Design white black MagSafe Case for iPhone 14, 13, 14 Pro, 13 Mini and more
Tuohi Case Sale price 22,90 EUR Regular price29,90 EUR
Finnish Army Camo Phone Case - M05
Save 18%
M05 Army Camo Phone Case for iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung, Google Pixel and Xiaomi with MagSafe
Save 17%
Army Phone Case with Velcro
Velcro Phone Cases Sale price 24,90 EUR Regular price29,90 EUR
Genuine Reindeer Leather Case
Genuine Reindeer Leather Case Sale price 34,90 EUR

Unique Phone Cases with Real Materials and MagSafe

The Best for Your Phone

Your phone is more than just a device that keeps you connected to the world. It's your lifeline, your go-to for everything from work to play. With so much riding on it, protecting it should be a top priority. That's where the best protective phone cases by Lastu come in. Made with premium materials like real wood, reindeer leather, fish skin, and army camouflage fabrics, these cases offer the ultimate combination of style and protection. And with your own logo and image, as well as MagSafe function, you can personalize your phone case to match your unique personality. Available for iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nothing Phone and Google Pixel.

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